Maggie Campbell

As well as penning gritty, twisty crime-fiction, did you know that Marnie Riches also writes historical sagas as Maggie Campbell? If you love a heart-warming saga and like the sound of a series set in immediately-post-war Manchester, grab your copies of Nurse Kitty’s Secret War and the newly published Nurse Kitty’s Unforgettable Journey today!

In Manchester’s Park Hospital – the fledgling NHS’s flagship hospital – Nurse Kitty Longthorne tries to prove herself and do the very best for her patients under difficult circumstances. Manchester’s citizens are in a shocking state of health after years of war, poverty and dire housing conditions. The brave lads coming home from the front are wounded – often beyond recognition or cure. The women who kept the home fires burning are still struggling to keep their families fed, though their newly-demobbed men want their jobs at the factories back.

In a brave new era full of hope and change, can Kitty, make a difference to the city’s sick and injured? With a family full of dark secrets, can Kitty ever free herself from the long shadows of the Longthornes’ past? And can a working class girl like her hope to win the heart of Britain’s youngest and most admired plastic surgeon?

Nurse Kitty’s adventures are inspired by the brave nurses and doctors of the NHS’s first hospital.

Meet Nurse Kitty Longthorne today – out now in e-book, audiobook and paperback!